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Support from the community makes our work possible. Thank you for joining us!

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Connect Smith's Marketplace

Smith's Marketplace will donate a portion of your purchase when your Smith's Rewards Card is linked to Senior Charity Care Foundation.

Connect your Rewards Card today to start donating.

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Amazon will donate a percent of your purchase when you shop on

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Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Starting a Facebook Fundraiser, for your birthday or just because, is an easy and fast way to support Senior Charity Care Foundation.

Five minutes of your time will improve the life of a Utah senior!

Either use the button below, or search for 'Senior Charity Care Foundation' when Facebook suggests starting a fundraiser for your birthday.

Make a Donation

Donations help us keep prices low for seniors receiving dental or vision care. 

Your donation can provide:

$20 - Dental X-Ray

$50 - Initial Dental Exam

$100 - One Pair of Glasses

$400 - One Set of Dentures


Attend the Hope Benefit

The Hope Benefit is SCCF's annual gala. Each year, we recognize influential community leaders, host a silent auction, and reflect on a year of services. 

Watch the 2020 Virtual Hope Benefit

Volunteer Your Time

We are always grateful to have volunteers join us!

If you are interested in regularly helping at our dental and clinics or would like to help spread the word to seniors in Utah, please contact us!


Find us on Guidestar for financial insights and more information.

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