Senior Stories

Kimberly was seen through our Civil Money Penalty Fund grant. She has VA coverage, but that does not cover dental care. She and her husband live on $11,000 per year. We met her at a care facility where she was undergoing double knee replacements. Kimberly has both MS and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Kimberly had not had proper dental care in at least 20 years because she could not afford it.  She traveled from Montana to go to the Utah VA hospital for double knee replacements. After the surgery, she went to a Utah care facility where we were able to serve her through at our dental clinic. After Kimberly was discharged, she returned to her home in Montana and made a return visit to one of our clinics to complete the denture process.     

She was so ecstatic to receive new acrylic partials that it was difficult to keep her calm enough to make sure everything fit correctly. Kimberly has returned to Montana and is so happy to finally have healthy teeth. 

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