About the Issue

Issue Overview

Utah ranks second in the nation for senior health. This is in no small part to the tireless efforts of families, government entities, and nonprofits.

However, the number of seniors age 65+ is expected to grow 64% by 2030. Utah must be prepared to continue its legacy of providing for seniors, as the number of seniors in poverty is set to grow alongside the overall population.

Low-income Utah seniors have insufficient access to dental and vision services, especially affordably priced services. Many seniors elect not to see the dentist or optometrist because they simply cannot afford it. Another barrier to seniors receiving health care services is a lack of transportation. One-third of seniors renting a living space do not have access to a vehicle.

Senior Charity Care Foundation works on both the financial and transportation front of this social issue.

Our Solution

Founded in 2011, Senior Charity Care Foundation is the only organization in Utah offering mobile dental and vision services for the elderly. Our service providers bring a van filled with all the necessary equipment to senior living centers across the Wasatch Front. There, the living center provides open rooms for testing and procedures.

This mobile setup is designed to bring seniors without transportation needed services, where they would otherwise go without. 

Additionally, working with the senior care centers provides critical resources that help determine who qualifies for assistance and who may require help completing applications and forms.

Sometimes it takes several treatments to get a patient completely healthy, especially for denture services. These visits are conducted over several months as the dentist and optometrist serve various clinics each week.

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