CMPF - Civil Money PenaltyFund Program 

In partnership with the Utah Dental Hygienist’s Association and various long-term care facilities, we are providing a comprehensive oral health program to 10 certified long-term care facilities along the Wasatch Front over the 2017-18 year.

Due the recent generosity of Civil Money Penalty Funds for Certified Nursing Homes (starting in October 2017) we are able to provide education to residents and train staff and administration on the importance of oral health for our senior population.

For this grant, we have employed several dental hygienists and implemented the SCCF dental team to assess the oral health of residents at each facility. Dental hygienists provide oral hygiene care and the SCCF dental team addresses restorative needs.

During the first visit of each clinic site, 4 dental hygienists from Utah Dental Hygienist’s Association screen and assess up to 60 residents on-site and within their rooms. The purpose is to determine the type of treatment necessary and collect data on the amount of oral debris, the need for periodontal care, and to assess untreated decay, root fragments, mobile teeth, dry mouth, fit of partials/dentures, and/or suspicious lesions. 

We believe this program will impact close to 600 residents, giving them access to care that may have otherwise been out of reach physically or financially for them. 

Through this project, we also plan to educate and train staff and caregivers on the importance of providing oral healthcare to their residents.

The objective of this program is that, after the clinic care is complete, that the resident, with the guidance and assistance of staff and other caregivers, can maintain their oral health through proper daily care. The dental hygienists return to each site 6 months later to provide follow-up assessments of the impact oral care has had on the health of residents.

The following chart describes the services provided during this first grant period.