CMPF - Civil Money PenaltyFund Program 

In partnership with the Utah Dental Hygienist’s Association and various long-term care facilities, we are providing a comprehensive oral health program to 10 certified long-term care facilities along the Wasatch Front.

Now in the third quarter of our second year, we have served 111 new patients, provided 394 revisits for a total of 505 encounters. Below is the chart of the total services provided year to date. If these senior were to go to a private office, the total costs would have been $353,295, whereas, we have expended $202,147 for hygiene and restorative services.

For this grant, we have employed several dental hygienists and implemented the SCCF dental team to assess the oral health of residents at each facility. Dental hygienists provide oral hygiene care and the SCCF dental team addresses restorative needs.

This yer we have changed our processes from the first grant year to have restorative and hygiene care in to see the residents every five to six weeks. We decided to separate the hygiene services from restorative and created a schedule whereas, the dental care – restorative and hygiene would essentially be at the facilities served every two to three weeks. This was designed as an optimization of dental services due to the findings of the previous grant, to strive for oral health for the residents in the facilities served. 

Year-to Date Locations Served:

  1. City Creek Post Acute
  2. Joseph Villa
  3. Paramount (although now we have Paramount take their few residents to St. Joseph Villa)
  4. Provo Rehab
  5. Copper Ridge
  6. Lomond Peak
  7. Crestwood Rehab
  8. Draper Health & Rehab
  9. Mount Olympus
  10. Avalon Valley
  11. Millcreek Rehab
  12. Sandy Health & Rehab
  13. Holladay Healthcare

The objective of this program is that, after the clinic care is complete, that the resident, with the guidance and assistance of staff and other caregivers, can maintain their oral health through proper daily care. 

The following chart describes the services provided during the first three quarters of this current grant period.