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Beth Ehrhardt, SCCF President, was recently interviewed and featured by Chris Redgrave on Zion's Speaking on Business. Here is the link to the MP3  recording of Chris' remarks and to the Speaking on Business website.


Kimberly was seen through our Civil Money Penalty Fund grant. She has VA coverage which does not include dental care. She and her husband live on $11,000 per year. We met her at a care facility while she was undergoing catastrophic double knee replacements. She has MS and rheumatoid arthritis. 

She had not had proper dental care in at least twenty years. She just could not afford it. Five years ago, she had her first knee replacement. It failed and left her bedridden and in pain.

Kimberly came to the VA hospital in Salt Lake City, even though she traveled from Montana. Dr. Clark evaluated her and determined the treatments she needed. We completed an upper and lower acrylic partial for her and she had a cleaning of her teeth by the hygienist. Dr. Clark extracted four teeth on the partials delivery day. Kimberly has returned to Montana. She was so ecstatic that it was hard to keep her calm enough to make sure the partials were fitting okay. She is so happy to finally have healthy teeth.

As you can see from the charts above, the most requested service is treatment at our mobile dental clinic, this request accounts for 79% of the services we provide. Additionally, through our hearing aid and eyeglasses programs, we are able to stretch our donations more than ever before, serving more seniors.

Coming soon: mobile audiology services October 2019!

We increased our locations served by 25% from 66 residences in 2017 to 87 residences in 2018. We are pleased that we have increased the number of people served from 494 in 2017 to 803 in 2018. 

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Mobile Vision Services

August 2019 marks the beginning of the second phase of our Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business growth plan that was created in November 2017. We started with our own mobile dental clinics, planned the addition of mobile vision services and our next phase will be mobile audiology services, slated for later this year. "After all, if it is difficult for our seniors to get to the dentist, wouldn't it follow that it is difficult for them to get to vision and audiology services as well?" Beth Ehrhardt, SCCF President surmised when developing the growth plan.

The seniors who attended the mobile vision clinics were so appreciative of our services and were very patient with our new clinics and processes. They told us that it had been between two and eight years since they had new glasses.

Many thanks to everyone who participated - the seniors, the AmeriCorps members who held socials and outreach activities to ensure senior attendance, Dr. Keith Castleton, O.D. and his team of opticians from  On-Site Eye Care - Elizabeth and Phil. It was an excellent kick-off for our new service. See photos below from our first two clinics in action.

Civil Money Penalty Fund 

September 2018 concluded our first year of our mobile dental clinic care to residents of care facilities through our collaborative grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Starting November 2017 with our continued collaborative venture with the Utah Dental Hygienists' Association, (UDHA), we have been to the following locations: City Creek Post Acute, Draper Health & Rehab, Spring Creek, Avalon West Health and Rehabilitation, St. Joseph Villa (two different clinics to serve more residents), Provo Rehabilitation and Nursing, Avalon Valley Rehabilitation, Mt. Olympus Rehabilitation Center and Sandy Health and Rehab. 

Click here for an update on our current grant period.

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