Our Mission...The mission of the Senior Charity Care Foundation is to improve the quality of life of elders in need.

Our Purpose...The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial assistance to those in senior care settings and senior apartments who require care, services or support but have exhausted all other potential funding sources and do not have the financial resources to pay.

Russell - at the mobile dental clinic on the left and on the right, after he got his new dentures.

Russell attended our mobile dental clinic. 

He told us he had not seen a dentist in 40 years! Such a warm, caring and friendly gentleman was quite shocked when the dentist told him his last remaining teeth were not salvageable and needed to be pulled.

At first, Russell declined allowing the dentist to pull only three of the teeth that were causing him pain - he did not want his grandchildren to see him with no teeth. It was explained to him that while the mobile dental clinic was not set up to provide dentures, the Senior Charity Care Foundation would continue to serve him afterwards to help him get dentures. His face and attitude immediately brightened. He was amazed to hear that someone actually cared about his dental health.

Russell returned to the clinic and had the last 15 of his teeth pulled. Two weeks later, he had his first set of temporary dentures. He will get his final set in about nine months, after his gums are no longer swollen. In the meantime, he will get adjustments to these dentures so that they will continue to fit.

All of us have had parents and/or a significant adult in our life who helped to shape us into the people we are today. Please consider a donation and pay it forward by donating in honor or in memory of a loved one while supporting the seniors who desperately need your help!  Click here  to see our spring appeal.

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